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Neighborhood Manufactory

The social, environmentally friendly production of the future is called „made@home“

Local production in our neighborhood
manufactories – the greeny+ vision

3D precision printers have so far only been for professional users. Extensive knowledge of programming, as well as technology itself, is required to achieve useful results.\n

Added to this are the high prices for high-quality 3D printers. That is why greeny+ has made it its goal to make the production of innovative products - in our case the greenyGARDEN - accessible to everyone.

We achieve this goal with the concept of neighborhood manufactory.


The packages



  • 6 x 3D printers
  • 2 shelves: approx. 620 x 660 x 2,250 mm (WxDxH)
  • 1 day training

Investment: 13.950 € + MwSt
Finanzierung ca 290 €/Monat;
Term 48 months,
10% residual value; depending
on credit rating


  • 18 x 3D printers
  • 6 shelves: approx. 620 x 660 x 2,250 mm (WxDxH)
  • 1 day training

Investment: 35.750 € + MwSt
Finanzierung ca 744 €/Monat; Laufzeit 48 Monate,
10% residual value; depending
on credit rating


  • 27 x 3D prints
  • 9 shelves: approx. 620 x 660 x 2,250 mm (WxDxH)
  • 1 day training

Investment: 49.750 € + MwSt
Finanzierung ca 1.036 €/Monat;
Term 48 months,
10% residual value; depending
on credit rating

Any questions?

Neighborhood Manufactory FAQ

First you have a partner register you as a friend. Now either your "partner" or you can express interest in a manufactory via our EDP system. You indicate whether you would like to pay cash or are interested in a leasing or hire purchase. We will then send you the contracts, which you should check carefully and return to us signed if you agree. If you have expressed interest in leasing, our leasing partner will contact you. After receipt of the signed contract you will receive a down payment invoice plus VAT. This is to be paid within 7 days. On notification of readiness for dispatch, you will receive the final invoice with the final payment.

The connection value of a printer is 360 watts. In the measurements, we found that the average power consumption is between about 110 and 120 watts.

In principle, printing can already be done at 20 degrees. We need a certain room temperature to ensure that the individual sheets stick together. There are no upper limits to the temperature. As a rule of thumb, the warmer the environment, the better it is for the printing result.

In principle, all parts of a greenyGARDEN can be printed with any printer.

1) You make sure that the filament spool is changed as soon as it is empty.
2) 2) When you see that a print part is finished, remove the complete carrier plate (fixed with 4 clip holders) including the finished print from the printer and insert a new carrier plate. Then you can start a new print.
3) Take the carrier plate with the finished printed part and place it in a water bath. Due to the inherent tension, the printed part will detach from the carrier plate within a short time.\n
4) The carrier plate is degreased again with a glass cleaner and used for the next print.

Of course, we will make you fit for your future at greeny+ for one day. The training can take place either at the headquarters in Nattheim, in Mallorca or online.

Since the printers are not linked to each other, all others can continue to produce. We will try to help you as quickly as possible online via video conference and will send you the appropriate spare parts if necessary. If a major defect occurs, we will send you another printer and you will return your printer to us.

We will not send any fitters or technicians to manufactories, as this does not fit in with the green idea. For simpler repairs, you simply do it yourself. If it becomes more complex, we will exchange the printer or try to support you via video conference.

There are very small parts that only take a few hours to print, but there are also parts that take far longer tan a day. For this purpose, however, we have created a system with which you can easily schedule the respective prints and which supports you in your time management in the best possible way.

When operating 24/7, an S-manufacture produces 0.4 greenyGARDEN per day, an M-manufacture produces approx. 1.2 greenyGARDEN per day and an L-manufacture produces approx. 2 greenyGARDEN per day.

Customers who order a greeny+ receive a delivery time from us. This is calculated by us based on the capacities of the manufactories. We cannot expect you to print 365 days a year. It is important to us that you enjoy your life to the fullest and plan your holidays and rest periods without necessarily having to find someone to run your manufactory.

Filament is the name given to the material that is printed. This is rolled up on a spool as a kind of thread.

We believe that innovation can improve the world.


You want fresh vegetables, salads and herbs in organic quality? You want to eat food without chemical additives or pesticides? Are you interested in buying or even selling locally produced products without environmentally harmful delivery routes? Can you imagine making the future a bit greener through innovations? Do you dream of selling or producing a product that has passion and meaning behind it? Then greeny+ is the right place for you!

Regardless of whether you want to buy a greenyGARDEN, get into distribution or prefer to be a producer for us - we have the right path for you. Make an appointment for a personal consultation and get inspired about how you can make your world a little greener.